Friday, August 12, 2011

Surfing in Costa Rica

I got back from Costa Rica a week ago and have been lethargic ever since. Now that I'm getting my butt back into gear, I am here to update this blog and provide you some mild entertainment.

Costa Rica was a very relaxing vacation trip, as they all should be. It was a good balance of excursions and exploring the city, and chillaxing at the hotel and rolling around on the beach. I went surfing for the very first time and it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We paid for two hours of lessons; the first hour mostly consisting of everyone wiping out (and collecting video footage of said wipe-outs), and in the second hour, we started to get a better hang of it and stay on top of our boards for longer than five seconds.

I got a handful of funny Costa Rica stories to tell, but for the sake of having material to update this blog with, I'm going to space it out. So I'll leave you with this little comic strip.


True story.

I jumped off the board, thinking it was a good place to get off. As it turns out, I grossly underestimated how deep the water was and ended up cannon-balling smack onto the sand. My butt was ridiculously sore afterwards. It may have been the stupidest way I've ever injured my tushy.