Friday, July 22, 2011

A week of food, sun, beaches, and general chillaxing

This, my friends, is a photo of a beach in Costa Rica, where I plan to be doing exactly what this chick is doing for the next week. 

I know I haven't been updating as of late but I plan to make it up to you all when I come back, hopefully with a handful of stories, photos, and mini-comic strips to entertain you with. I've been experiencing a little cabin fever, being stuck in the house with nowhere to go so it's nice to be able to go the Caribbean (which I've been longing to go to forevers!) and clock in some beach time. When I'm not slapping on sunscreen and taking advantage of the elasticity of the waistband of my pants, I shall be frolicking in the sun and beach waters. Or sitting on the hotel steps with a scuba mask strapped around my face, waiting for the rain to stop.

I hope I don't come back all poo-colored. That would make me sad. :(

Sunday, July 17, 2011

FIFA Women's World Cup with Dad - Liveblog

I'm watching the FIFA Women's World Cup: USA vs. Japan with Dad. I can only imagine the stream of strange things that will come out of his mouth so I thought I'd do a Liveblog and share them with you.

12:15pm - Dad's searching the channels looking for the game, crying, "Nooooooo!" because we don't have cable and can't find it on any of the major networks. I come to the rescue and introduce him to live streaming on It's 40 minutes ino the game. You know, you usually hear comments about how the child does or says something like their parent, and it's endearing. Here, Dad sounded alarmingly like Brother. And it was disturbing.

12:32pm - Dad says it might be better that Japan loses so they can get more tsunami relief aid.

12:47pm - Dad just informed me that in history, Japan and the US have had 19 matches. Three ties. And 16 losses.

12:57pm - Dad just said, "huh, there are no pretty ladies here."

1:10pm - US scores first goal. "Agggghhh! It's because their legs are too short! They can't run fast enough!"

1:22pm - Japan scores. Dad and I high-five. I'm confused as to whose side I'm on. Dad: "HAHAHA! What a lucky ball!" I don't understand what he means.

1:28pm - I think I got excited by Japan's first goal because I didn't expect them to score at all. :\

1:32pm - Japanese dude in the crowd suddenly jumps up screaming because he sees himself on camera. That was funny.

1:33pm - Overtime. Just an informational tidbit. Both Dad and I have some sentimental connection with Japan. Ten months study abroad for me, of course. And Dad's lived in Japan since he was around 18 for 10-ish years (for university and work). So that's probably why Dad's rooting for Japan. Maybe I technically should be rooting for U.S.A. However, I think I'm rooting for Japan because Dad is. And I have a soft spot for underdogs.

1:38pm - Dad: "Blegh. There's nothing in the house to drink. No beer. :( "

1:43pm - No beer. So we're eating sliced apples instead. RAWR. WE ARE MEN.

1:46pm - Me: "Wow. They're really sweaty. Like soaking wet." I bite into an apple slice and the juice squirts out and all over the keyboard. Dad: "That was disgusting."

1:52pm - GOALLL! (I'm just gonna cheer for both. :D)

1:57pm - Just sent a Facebook message to my Japanese host mom telling her Dad is rooting for Japan.

2:07pm - Japan just scored! Holy crap, this is such a close game. That was a pretty epic shot too.

2:10pm - Sister just joined us in watching the game: "This is the first red card issued in a Women's Finals? Seriously? They give it out during the Men's all the time."

2:15pm - Penalty kicks. Dad: "Aren't they kicking too close??"

2:17pm - About Japan's goalie, me: "Awww, her haircut's so cute. :)"

2:19pm - OHH! Damn, Japan has a really strong goalie.

2:22pm - JAPAN WON! Oh damn! I'm pretty shocked. Totally didn't see it coming. The Japan team is dogpiling each other. Dad: "OMG! I wanna jump in there too!"

What a good game. :) So happy for Japan. But a really good effort on the USA's part. Japan's goalkeeper gonna be a national hero now.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tapas and Backseat Driving

A while back I was in San Francisco and ate tapas for the first time. It was delicious. It was expensive. And to be honest, I think it was fusion. Nonetheless, it was still good food and a good experience. I'm hoping next time, I'll be able to find a more authentic Spanish tapas place. Also, later that night, I ate tacos that I'm convinced were magical.

...Not in the illegal sense. In the Abacadabra and Harry Potter sense.

Raw tuna and mango tacos. Or maybe it was Ahi, I don't remember.

Cubed sea bass. My God, this was heaven in my mouth.

Pork cheeks. My friend and I had a brief discussion on whether it was face cheeks or butt cheeks. We agreed on butt cheeks.

We also had mini sliders and fries but I don't have photos of those because I was too busy eating forgot. 

In other news, my teenage brother just got his driver's license and I decided to let him drive the other day. Now, I hate it when other people do it to me too, but I guess since I'm his older sister and I occasionally enjoy exercising my power and seniority over him, I couldn't help but do a little backseat driving. Which leads to this week's comic strip. 

(Yes, I used stick figures and not my usual comic style. Sorry, I got lazy.)

I think I may have to start writing my anecdotes down. I had a bunch of little funny tidbits stored up from the past few weeks, but when it came down to writing or drawing them out, I would forget the punchline or the entire story altogether. It's pretty annoying.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Move over, Donkey Kong

I fought. I cried. I conquered.

The bunny is now doing his number 1's and most of his number 2's in the litter box. Donkey Kong got nothing on me. *Victory dance*

However, the entire litter box dilemma may have been a bit of my fault. It turned out that I had been setting up his cage wrong and the bunny thought the entire cage was his litter box, hence the number 1's and number 2's being everywhere. But nonetheless, problem's been solved. There's still the occasional accident but I think he's still adjusting to his new interiors.

I would also like to share that the bunny and I shared some very sweet bonding time earlier tonight. For a good 20 minutes, he just laid on my bed and snuggled under my hand while I petted him and scratched around his ears. That's the longest he has ever sat still while being five inches next to me. And the calmest. Earlier this morning he was giving me a headache, jumping around like a five year-old who just found all the Halloween candy his parents had stashed away. Or a junkie who just found his parents' meth lab.

Although I may have given him a wee bit too many blueberries a bit before. So then I guess those 20 minutes of calmness was just him crashing from his sugar high. Huh.

You would think that given complaining I do about the universe never cutting me a break, I'd stop deconstructing my personal victories.