Friday, July 1, 2011

Move over, Donkey Kong

I fought. I cried. I conquered.

The bunny is now doing his number 1's and most of his number 2's in the litter box. Donkey Kong got nothing on me. *Victory dance*

However, the entire litter box dilemma may have been a bit of my fault. It turned out that I had been setting up his cage wrong and the bunny thought the entire cage was his litter box, hence the number 1's and number 2's being everywhere. But nonetheless, problem's been solved. There's still the occasional accident but I think he's still adjusting to his new interiors.

I would also like to share that the bunny and I shared some very sweet bonding time earlier tonight. For a good 20 minutes, he just laid on my bed and snuggled under my hand while I petted him and scratched around his ears. That's the longest he has ever sat still while being five inches next to me. And the calmest. Earlier this morning he was giving me a headache, jumping around like a five year-old who just found all the Halloween candy his parents had stashed away. Or a junkie who just found his parents' meth lab.

Although I may have given him a wee bit too many blueberries a bit before. So then I guess those 20 minutes of calmness was just him crashing from his sugar high. Huh.

You would think that given complaining I do about the universe never cutting me a break, I'd stop deconstructing my personal victories.

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