Thursday, June 16, 2011

Always, ALWAYS, forget something

Guess what?? I cooked dinner today! Yes, it is special despite being a common occurrence. Applaud anyways.

Something's brewing in the oven...

It's Mexican lasagna!! ...Yeah, I don't know.

It was a Mexican lasagna of yum. :)

Every time I cook I always forget something. Usually it's my camera and I don't remember I was suppose to take a photo until after I finish eating. Very annoying. But this time, I DID remember to whip out my camera. Victory, right? Except after taking the lasagna out of the oven, I forgot to add the chopped tomato toppings that I so lovingly prepared while waiting for the lasagna to bake in the oven. It was pretty distressing. By the time I realized that I forgot, I was already full. I ate another small piece anyways to try it with the tomatoes. It was amazing. ;(

Oh and what is a Mexican lasagna, you ask? Really you just replace the lasagna pasta with tortilla. It's like a opened burrito in a pan with layers. Layers of yum. <3

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