Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weird? No! ...Eclectic

How I drain my tofu. :D

Last night I made tofu/ground chicken burger patties, a recipe I picked up from my host mom when I was staying in Japan. Healthy AND delicious?? You must be thinking, 'Blasphemy!' But alas my friends, I bring you proof that it is possible. Well, actually I ate the proof but that is why we have cameras. 

You know, I realized while I was making this how unappetizing these dishes look at the start of the cooking process. 

When making these patties, I usually bounce from using ground chicken to ground turkey depending on which one is cheaper at the time, and for me at least, there's not enough of a discrepancy in taste between the two for me to adamantly stick to just one. The story of a poor recent graduate, ladies and gentlemen. But what I love about making this recipe is how versatile it actually is. Just the tofu and ground meat by itself can be rather bland, so it's the sauce or the spices that anchor the recipe. I'm an vocal advocate behind spices and sauces so this recipe gives me the license to be really creative in how I want this dish to end up tasting. Love this. It's really exciting because there's literally a gazillion different things you can try out. Really. A gazillion. Exactly. Maybe. I'll tally them up as I go along. 

Before adding the sauce.

I was lazy last night so I just mixed Ponzu with a dash of sugar for the sauce. Ha ha...

In other news, I mentioned before how I've been experiencing internet woes at home and it has finally pushed me to take refuge at my local library to use their more reliable (and free) wi-fi. It's nice in that I can get out of the house. It sucks because it involves me moving my lazy bum and leaving the lovely comforts of my beloved bed. 

I've been complaining mentioning my internet problems to my dad and we're switching providers next week so I'll be able to be spoiled in high-speed internet soon enough. Also Comcast Cable is doing a promo at the moment, so it all works out. And yes, that was my attempt to appear not spoiled. Seriously, some times I wish I was (I'm currently pining after a $800+ tablet). 

Oh and of course, as per usual, leaving the confines of my home resulted in a slightly embarrassing incident. I feel this incident deserves the glorification of a mini-comic strip. So stay tuned.

And it involves farting.

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