Friday, June 3, 2011

Maybe if I dig down enough, I can disappear into the armchair...

So, to continue where I left off yesterday.

Like I said before, I had gone to library to take advantage of the free wi-fi. I found an armchair, snuggled in comfortably, and whipped out my laptop. And then, a nice elderly chap took the chair next to me and began reading his newspaper. Now, I should mention, earlier that day, I ate a Fiber One bar for breakfast, and after this incident, I'm starting to think that these bars may be packing a wee bit more fiber than my body can handle. Why do I say that? Well as you may or may not know, when you eat too much fiber, you can get a little bit...farty.


Fortunately, it was just a tiny one. You know, like the ones where if it feels like you just let a small air pocket. 


Kinda embarrassing still, but I thought as long as I don't call any attention to it, I can just pretend it didn't happen. Or it wasn't me. But then...

"Weh. Kill me now."

Double whammy.

See? This is what happens when I go out in public. The universe waits for me to leave the house and then gleefully unleashes its huge sack of pranks. 

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