Monday, June 27, 2011

On the brink of insanity

The rabbit's been drinking a tank-load of water in the past two hours and so I've been sitting outside his cage on surveillance, waiting for him to pee. Then my dad came into my room.

Dad: What are you doing?
Me: Waiting for the rabbit to pee.
Dad: How do you know when he's gonna pee.
Me: I just know. I'm training him to pee into the litter box
Dad: How?
Me: By shoving him into the litter box when he's about to pee.
Dad: ...Are you crazy?!

I would like to take this moment to point out that dedication is often misconstrued as insanity.

Though I probably shouldn't tell him that I've been sitting and waiting here for the past hour.

UPDATE: How is he not peeing yet?!?

UPDATE #2: Now he's napping. I'm starting to question his being as a rabbit. Way too spiteful. Incarnation of evil seems more accurate.

UPDATE #3: I went out for five seconds to grab a snack. In those five seconds, he decided to pee. Wow. It is on. Like Donkey Kong.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's a flaw in this plan somewhere...

I need spontaneity in my life. You know what would make my life more spontaneous? Spontaneous trips to New York, Cabo, or the Bahamas.

But to make spontaneous trips I need money. *Looks in bank account*

What if I just say 'spontaneous' a couple of more times?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All-out Battle

I've been spending less and less time in my room and more time outside in my living room? Why? I'm litter box-training my rabbit. And it is the most annoying thing ever. Actually, no, that's a lie. The most annoying thing ever is that my rabbit pees and poos RIGHT outside his litter box. I swear, this long-eared furry bastard of cuteness is way cleverer than he pretends to be because I know in my pudgy gut that he's doing this out of spite. He is literally doing his number 1's and 2's only two centimeters away from edge of his litter box. Right now, those two centimeters are the bane of my existence.

So I've been spending the last few days sitting on the floor with Mr. McPooperson's (not his real name) cage right next to me. I've had him for almost two years now so I know the signs when he's about to pee. So my afternoons now consist of me watching Satan's Furball (should be his real name) at the corner of my eye, occasionally lunging into the cage, screaming, "NOOOOO!' and throwing him into his litter box.

People say that rabbits are fragile creatures and can actually die of fright. I'm not worried though. Knowing my relationship with the universe/God/life in general, I'm sure this rabbit has nerves of steel and will live a long, wallet-drying, life. How else will he continue to annoy me, pee outside his litter box, and chew through my favorite T-shirts?

However, to his credit, he does do his business in the cage and not on the carpet. And he's so incredibly cute that I think there should be an 11th Commandment about how it's a sin to be that cute. And sometimes he'll hop up to me and lick my knees. And he does this thing that my dog does that I love, where he'll push his little head under my hand because he wants me to pet him. And when he lays down, he doesn't actually lay down. It's more of him falling onto his side, and it's hilarious to watch.

Okay, I kind of love him. But it's love/hate relationship.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Always, ALWAYS, forget something

Guess what?? I cooked dinner today! Yes, it is special despite being a common occurrence. Applaud anyways.

Something's brewing in the oven...

It's Mexican lasagna!! ...Yeah, I don't know.

It was a Mexican lasagna of yum. :)

Every time I cook I always forget something. Usually it's my camera and I don't remember I was suppose to take a photo until after I finish eating. Very annoying. But this time, I DID remember to whip out my camera. Victory, right? Except after taking the lasagna out of the oven, I forgot to add the chopped tomato toppings that I so lovingly prepared while waiting for the lasagna to bake in the oven. It was pretty distressing. By the time I realized that I forgot, I was already full. I ate another small piece anyways to try it with the tomatoes. It was amazing. ;(

Oh and what is a Mexican lasagna, you ask? Really you just replace the lasagna pasta with tortilla. It's like a opened burrito in a pan with layers. Layers of yum. <3

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quest for sweet dairy desserts

Over the weekend, I took a family trip to Lakeport on the recommendation of my mom's co-worker. Apparently Clearlake is super pretty. And their eggs are more yummy and fresh.

Final verdict? The few hours we spent at the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco for lunch on the way home was more fun than the two days we spent in Lakeport. To quote my mother: "Lake Tahoe is prettier."

However, I never been to a small town like Lakeport before. I felt like I was in an episode of Gilmore Girls. Their Main Street was less than a mile long and everything closes before 8pm. Some even earlier. This was particularly annoying when my brother and I had a mighty crave for some ice cream, and so we ventured down Main Street. To be honest, I thought it would be cute to sit in a small town ice cream parlor, digging into an ice cream sundae while eyeing the local eye candy (Oh! Maybe I'll find my own Dean...did he ever have a last name?) on a warm Saturday afternoon. Felt like a very small town-y thing to do and wouldn't be something I'd be able to do in my more urban hometown.

Well, it turned out I wouldn't be able to fulfill my Gilmore Girl fantasies because both of the ice cream parlors we found had closed at 2pm and 4pm, respectively. My brother and I ended up going up to the first gas station/convenience store we saw and buying our corporate manufactured ice cream bars there. Oh, and that's not even the best part. When we reached the convenience store, there was a hand-written "Be right back. Come back later," sign taped to the door. So we stood outside the door and waited.

If I was religious, I think that would have been the breaking point for me. No higher deity stands between me and my food cravings.

Also, 80% of the male population there had 40-inch waistlines and rode Harley-Davidsons. It was a good trip.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Arrreeeb-- Oh.

I got a Best Buy giftcard so time for some bikini-fication. 

I've been playing this for the past week and I realized that I much prefer to play-dance alone. When I'm alone, I can freely pretend I'm a dancing superstar, and that my gyrating hips and nonexistent unparalleled sense of rhythm can move mountains. 

It's always my dad who catches me mid-dance too. 

It's easier to dance like no one's watching when no one's actually watching. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Foil Surprise!

In my quest to lead a more healthy lifestyle (read: get a hot bod), I've been following the email newsletter of Hungry Girl and I bought a few of her cookbooks. I don't follow her recipes word for word since some of them are a bit high in sodium, so I just adjust them accordingly. I have to admit, it annoys me when people think that food can't be delicious and healthy at the same time. I then brandish my Hungry Girl cookbooks proudly and shove it into their faces.

I cooked dinner tonight using one of her recipes.

Hmmm, mysterious foil packets...

Gasp! It's SALMON!
A lot of her recipes have cute names, this one being "Crazy Pineapple Salmon Teriyaki." This may not be one of them. 

I also added some Italian seasoning. In addition to the high sodium levels, the one other small complaint I would have to make is that some of her recipes can be a little lacking in flavor. I like my food to be rich in flavor and am a lover of spices so I always add a little something something whenever I'm using one of her recipes. 

In other news, we finally switched our internet and now it's wheeeeeeeee super fast! So fan-freaking-tastic. Am now watching all these youtube videos and streaming videos to take advantage of all this high-speed gloriousness. It's nice not having to wait 15 minutes for a 3 minute video clip to load.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In a perfect world...

Am currently sketching while watching Zombieland. It would be awesome if I got paid doing this. Or got paid in general.

Slow day today.

I was putting away the dishes when I made a suggestion to my pops.

"Can we put all the dishes in the upper cabinets instead of the lower cabinets?"
"I don't like having to bend down to get the dishes or put them away."
"It's too low! I have to go all the way down and crouch!"

I always wonder about the reasons why my father's respect for me goes down little by little. This may be one of them.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Food baby solution = Zumba??

I've been seeing commercials on TV for Zumba Fitness for the Wii. Since it's the summertime, they're saying things about getting bikini-ready, etc. Not that being ready for the bikini-season is my goal. Honestly, I'd prefer a hot bod year-round.


...I'm getting around to it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's a Korean Fiesta!

(See what I did there with the title? Heehee.)

My parents have been watching this food-related Korean drama and it's affecting what we've been having for dinner as of late. A few nights ago, my dad called out from their bedroom (my room is right next to theirs),

"Do you know bibimbap?"
"Do you know how to cook it?"
"I can make it."
"I want to eat it."

So last night, I made bibimbap for my mother and passive-aggressive father. It's a very straightforward and simple recipe, and to be honest, involves very little cooking. Don't take my word for this, but I don't think there's a real strict recipe for it. Just take whatever meat and veggies you find in the fridge, throw it into a bowl with some red pepper paste, sesame oil, and rice, and then mix it all together.

And yes that is a huge metal mixing bowl. Was really hard to mix it around thoroughly and have the contents stay inside the bowl. Glad to have my handy and super eager vacuum cleaner on stand-by (read: my dog). 

I really enjoy simple recipes like these. Sure, the fancy ones are fun to try out and experiment with, but sometimes, when time isn't a luxury, it's nice to be able to just throw something together and for it to turn out just as flavorful and delicious. 

In other news, I went to watch X-Men: First Class today and it was surprisingly good. There were some cheesy parts, and it definitely had its flaws, but it was still a very entertaining movie with a very solid cast. Definitely makes up for the abominable fail that was X-3 and Wolverine (Origins). *Shudders*

There were also some cameos that I was really (but delightfully) surprised by. I'm usually very up-to-date when it comes to movies (am a semi-movie nerd) but I definitely didn't see some of this stuff coming. Not that it's a bad thing. I'm usually not a stickler for spoilers unless it's for movies that I plan to watch in the theater. It makes for a more rewarding movie-going experience. Like this one was. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Maybe if I dig down enough, I can disappear into the armchair...

So, to continue where I left off yesterday.

Like I said before, I had gone to library to take advantage of the free wi-fi. I found an armchair, snuggled in comfortably, and whipped out my laptop. And then, a nice elderly chap took the chair next to me and began reading his newspaper. Now, I should mention, earlier that day, I ate a Fiber One bar for breakfast, and after this incident, I'm starting to think that these bars may be packing a wee bit more fiber than my body can handle. Why do I say that? Well as you may or may not know, when you eat too much fiber, you can get a little bit...farty.


Fortunately, it was just a tiny one. You know, like the ones where if it feels like you just let a small air pocket. 


Kinda embarrassing still, but I thought as long as I don't call any attention to it, I can just pretend it didn't happen. Or it wasn't me. But then...

"Weh. Kill me now."

Double whammy.

See? This is what happens when I go out in public. The universe waits for me to leave the house and then gleefully unleashes its huge sack of pranks. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weird? No! ...Eclectic

How I drain my tofu. :D

Last night I made tofu/ground chicken burger patties, a recipe I picked up from my host mom when I was staying in Japan. Healthy AND delicious?? You must be thinking, 'Blasphemy!' But alas my friends, I bring you proof that it is possible. Well, actually I ate the proof but that is why we have cameras. 

You know, I realized while I was making this how unappetizing these dishes look at the start of the cooking process. 

When making these patties, I usually bounce from using ground chicken to ground turkey depending on which one is cheaper at the time, and for me at least, there's not enough of a discrepancy in taste between the two for me to adamantly stick to just one. The story of a poor recent graduate, ladies and gentlemen. But what I love about making this recipe is how versatile it actually is. Just the tofu and ground meat by itself can be rather bland, so it's the sauce or the spices that anchor the recipe. I'm an vocal advocate behind spices and sauces so this recipe gives me the license to be really creative in how I want this dish to end up tasting. Love this. It's really exciting because there's literally a gazillion different things you can try out. Really. A gazillion. Exactly. Maybe. I'll tally them up as I go along. 

Before adding the sauce.

I was lazy last night so I just mixed Ponzu with a dash of sugar for the sauce. Ha ha...

In other news, I mentioned before how I've been experiencing internet woes at home and it has finally pushed me to take refuge at my local library to use their more reliable (and free) wi-fi. It's nice in that I can get out of the house. It sucks because it involves me moving my lazy bum and leaving the lovely comforts of my beloved bed. 

I've been complaining mentioning my internet problems to my dad and we're switching providers next week so I'll be able to be spoiled in high-speed internet soon enough. Also Comcast Cable is doing a promo at the moment, so it all works out. And yes, that was my attempt to appear not spoiled. Seriously, some times I wish I was (I'm currently pining after a $800+ tablet). 

Oh and of course, as per usual, leaving the confines of my home resulted in a slightly embarrassing incident. I feel this incident deserves the glorification of a mini-comic strip. So stay tuned.

And it involves farting.